Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking the Silence LGBQT Youth Rally in Santa Cruz

In downtown Santa Cruz on April 20, LGBQT community members from the Diversity Center's Youth Program and their family members and allies held a "Breaking the Silence" rally in front of the Del Mar Theatre before a showing of the film "Bully". People held signs and shared stories There was a group shout out, and many involved with the youth program wore tape x'd over their mouths to both symbolize the silencing effect of bullying on the LGBQT youth community, as well as to be an expression of solidarity with those who could not attend the rally in person for many different reasons of privacy.

During this segment of the rally, a woman talks about why some bullies might want to hurt others.

To read more and view photos from the rally, see:

Community Members "Break the Silence" at LGBQT Youth Rally in Santa Cruz