Monday, July 9, 2012

La Playa Carmel Boycott Announced at Hotel Workers Rally

La Playa Carmel Hotel & Bar has completed its $3.5 million dollar restoration, and former workers who were not rehired when the hotel changed ownership and the construction was completed were joined by community members for a "Rally to Rehire La Playa Hotel Workers" on July 6th. This is the first major protest at the hotel since the completion of the remodel, and the management has stated that it only rehired two of the 113 former La Playa employees. This, and the fact that that workers have struggled with hotel management since 2010, has prompted labor groups to call for a boycott of La Playa Carmel, which was announced at the rally, and organizers also requested a strong turnout from community members for a two-day "siege" of the hotel from 7am-7pm on July 20th and 21st. Approximately 150 community members and workers were joined by Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker, Seaside Mayor Felix Bachofner, California State Assembly Member Bill Monning, and Monterey Bay Central Labor Council Director, Cesar Lara.

To read more, and to view photos and more videos, see:

Boycott and Upcoming "Two-Day Siege" of La Playa Carmel Announced at Hotel Workers Rally

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