Monday, October 28, 2013

Rosario for Andy Lopez

On October 28, the friends and family of Andy Lopez held a Rosario for the 13-year-old at the location where he was killed by a Sonoma County Sheriff's deputy on Moorland Avenue in Santa Rosa.

Andy's father Rodrigo Lopez, in the white sweatshirt, is illuminated by a television camera during the Rosario.

Andy was reportedly killed by deputy Erick Gelhaus on October 22. In a press release issued later that day, sheriff's say deputies first observed Andy walking with, "what appeared to be some type of a rifle." After the scene was, "secured," deputies say they, "learned," that the rifle was a replica of an assault weapon.

One community member at the Rosario handed out a flier calling the killing an assassination, saying Andy was profiled, hunted, and then killed like prey by an impulsive sheriff. The flier also questions whether partner agencies are covering up the truth in the case.

Approximately 150 people were in attendance at the Rosario. After the citation of the Rosary, Andy's father let out a gasp of pain as he touched some of the pictures of his son that were on display.

Earlier in the evening authorities passed over the Rosario twice in a patrol helicopter. Those who have visited the site of Andy's death say police helicopters regularly fly over the location.

One man said that since the killing, the authorities have only been driving in the area in unmarked vehicles.

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