Saturday, August 23, 2014

Santa Cruz Rally and March in Solidarity with the People of Ferguson

A rally and march in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Mo. was held in downtown Santa Cruz on August 17. On August 9, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in broad daylight in front of numerous witnesses. Michael was reportedly unarmed and holding his hands up while attempting to surrender, saying "don't shoot" when he was gunned down. Since that time, protests in support of justice for the Missouri teenager have erupted all over the world.

Community members in Santa Cruz marched from the Louden Nelson Center down Pacific Avenue to the Town Clock where a rally was held.

"Staying contained and silent must end. It is time for American civil societies to rise up, in SOLIDARITY, and express our outrage for the dominating modes of power that enable racism, inequality, and impunity. We must come together in order to resist the complacency and complicity that allows these injustices to persist," read an announcement for the rally, which also communicated the following demands:


-equal representation for: women, people of color, the poor and homeless, the LBGT community and the disabled.
-an end to racial profiling
-transparency and accountability
-the funding of schools, not jails or war


Officer Bill Azua of the Santa Cruz Police Department gives a person a citation for skateboarding as the demonstration approaches.

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