Saturday, July 23, 2016

Linda Yamane Demonstrates How to Construct a Tule Boat at Ohlone Day

Linda Yamane constructs a traditional tule boat at Ohlone Day. Photo: September 10, 2011.

Linda Yamane, who is of Rumsien Ohlone ancestry, is an Ohlone basket weaver and cultural preservationist who lives in the Monterey Bay Area. She spent years researching Ohlone basketry before producing her first traditional basket in 1994. Yamane's were the first Ohlone baskets to be made in over 150 years. She and her students are the only authentic Ohlone weavers alive and working today.

A young person sits in a tule boat on display at Ohlone Day. Photo: September 10, 2011.

Yamane is also the author of  the book, "When the World Ended, How Hummingbird Got Fire, How People Were Made: Rumsien Ohlone Stories."

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