Saturday, September 17, 2011

Save The Knoll - August 25 March To City Hall

Pacific Avenue

On Thursday, August 25, the Save the Knoll Coalition held its second protest and march through downtown Santa Cruz. Community members started at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Laurel Street, and then made their way to City Hall where a closed session meeting of the city council was being held. Protesters gained access to the meeting, and people (including me) spoke in front of the Santa Cruz City Council, demanding protection for the Ohlone burial site at the Branciforte Creek Knoll. In addition to comments made by community members, Charlene Sul, the head of the Confederation of Ohlone Peoples spoke. Ann Marie Sayers, who was designated the most likely descendant of the first human remains unearthed at the Knoll, was present at the meeting but did not speak.

Turning onto Locust Street

Circling up at City Hall

Charlene Sul, Ann Marie Sayers, and attorney Daniel Sheehan

City Chambers

Charlene Sul speaks before the council

Ann Marie Sayers at City Hall

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