Sunday, September 18, 2011

Save The Knoll - September 13 City Hall Vigil

On September 13, community members and members of the Save the Knoll Coalition returned to the Santa Cruz City Hall for a second time since the August 2 news that 6000 year old human remains (Ohlone) were found at the KB Home construction site at the Branciforte Creek Knoll. Again, protesters used open forum time to demand that the council put the issue of the Knoll on the official council meeting agenda. Council Member Don Lane stated, however, that since there was nothing for the council to vote on, the issue of the Knoll wouldn't make it to the official agenda. Lane and a city planner spoke positively about the progress they had made with discussions between city officials, KB Home, and Anne Marie Sayers, who was named most likely descendant of the first remains recovered, but they claimed they could not comment about anything specific.

Former Assembly Member Fred Keeley (right) listens in

Council Chambers

The Santa Cruz City Council

Mike Tomasi modified his comments to support
 Native Americans that day

For transcripts of the statements made, see:

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