Saturday, June 1, 2013

Watsonville: Idle No More

Idle No More supporters gathered at City Plaza Park on Main Street in Watsonville, Ca. on April 19, 2013.

"Thank you for coming together and standing up for justice, for all Nations, South of the border, North of the border, and North, North of the border." -- Tomas Alejo

These words describe an Idle No More perspective as seen from those who live in Watsonville, Ca, where for most people, the Mexican/American border dynamic plays a role in everyday life.

From the event Announcement:

"Communities of Watsonville will be gathering at the Watsonville Plaza in solidarity with the Idle No More movement from Canada and First Nations People.

"Please join the Communities of Watsonville as we gather with songs and prayers in an act of solidarity with our Northern Brothers and Sisters and all Indigenous People.

"Bring your Families, Children, Elders, Friends and Neighbors.
Bring your Drums, Prayers, Songs, Medicine and Good Energy.

"Idle No More is a grassroots movement for Indigenous sovereignty, Indigenous rights and respect of treaties.

"Indigenous communities in Canada took to the streets on December 10th 2012 as a national day of action in response to legislative abuses of indigenous treaty rights by the current federal government.

"Gatherings and 'flash mobs' in solidarity throughout out Canada, the United States, Mexico and reportedly Stockholm, Sweden, London, UK, Berlin, Germany, Auckland, New Zealand, and Egypt have taken place since."

Tomas Alejo sings

Henry Dominguez addresses Idle No More supporters

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